Marriage astrology report

Marriage Astrology Prediction

Marriage Astrology Prediction

Are you worried about when will I get married? Whether it would be a love marriage or an arrange marriage? What age will I get married? Why is my marriage getting delayed? Will my married life be successful? Who is my soul mate? You can get answers to your marriage related prediction by the marriage astrology prediction. There are lot of other questions related to delay in marriage, second marriage, presence of different marriage yogas, and direction of marriage, marriage longevity, marriage matching and more that can create hurdles in choosing your right life partner and get married.

Advanced Marriage Astrology Prediction

The team of astrologers and experts in AstroKapoor will help you to resolve your uncertainties and remove complications of your marital life or would be marital life. Our marriage expert astrologers analyses various areas of marriage, like love or arranged marriage or divorce after marriage. They analyse various planetary positions and various lord of the birth chart and the role played by them. Apart from these, they also peep deep into the major and minor dasha of planets operating on.

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7th house is for marriage in astrology and indicates spouse. The planet Venus is the karaka and the indicator of marriage or love life. If Venus or 7th lord is in conjunction by Saturn or Mars then native have high chance of unconventional marriage.

If Venus is afflicted and aspected by Saturn, Rahu and Mars then native will do love marriage but he may not get support from society or family. If Venus and Mars are in conjunction without any benefic aspect then the native may indulge in multiple marriages or multiple relationships.

If the conjunction of Venus with Saturn and Mars is fair good enough and well placed then the person will have a successful love marriage. As for example, if Venus, 7th lord, 2nd lord are well placed but have aspect from Saturn without any other affliction, then the native will have love marriage with positive support from society and family members.

Marriage and Planetary Positions

Marriage astrology assumes great importance in life; marriage makes or breaks the native’s life. The birth chart predicts whether the person is destined to marry or not. There are some astrological combinations which promises marriage and a few others deny. Some shows delay in marriage. For men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus predict the time and nature of marriage. Marriage astrology prediction will help you to find the solutions to your problem.

Time of Marriage And Married Life

The Marriage astrology will help to analyse the various aspect of your birth chart and will also study in detail the aspect of different planetary position, the possibility of marriage and the timing of marriage. It is extremely essential to analyse the horoscope before coming into any conclusion because the timing of marriage is extremely important. If the conditions are not favourable , then there are certain remedies and gemstone recommendations that could help an individual to get through the hardship and the final decision of marriage. In the marriage astrology, the analysis of Mars is of utmost important to know the effect of mangal dosha on the girl’s and the boy’s horoscope. Marriage astrology prediction can help to know the pros and cons of planets and the role of planets in marriage.




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