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Marriage and Love Life Report
Marriage is the most important institution of love and harmony. It is given importance in all religions of the World. Marriage brings two people and families together.

It joins two people together to pursue dharma (duty), Artha (possessions), and moksha (ultimate spiritual release) together. Marriage is very crucial as it initiates the new generation. The matchmaking of Janam Kundli is done since the previous era. Janam Kundli is drawn on the placement of planets and stars at the time of birth. What is foreseen in a marriage report…
• What stars foretells in your marriage?
• How will be your married life?
• How will be the compatibility with your partner?
• Will you get married in the year 2015?
• What stars foretells for the year 2016?
• Which zodiac sign will rule your life partner?
• What are the major hindrances which you are facing in your marriage culmination?
• Will you get your love as your life partner?
All these are the main and the major issues which comes within the mind of the people who are waiting for the marital bliss.

Why eager to know about a happy marriage?
People want to know each other before marriage. It is also obvious that parents want to know the accurate marriageable age of their children. If one’s marriage is running inappropriate then it creates problems and dissatisfaction in life. Happy marriage brings success and growth both in the personal and the professional life.

Astrological Calculations for Marriage
In astrology, the seventh house is studied for the detailed analysis of the partner and the marriage life. It also helps to analyze the partner horoscope. The seventh house is ruled by Libra. Libra is governed by Venus, the planet of love, which is essential for the happy married life. The planet Jupiter is also considered in the birth chart as it denotes a husband in a girl’s horoscope. If a Jupiter is ill placed in the chart, it can create a delay in the marriage of a girl. Inappropriate life partner, quarrels after marriage and other complications in the chart. Another planet which is considered extremely important for marriage is Mars ( Mangal ), If mars are placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th then it creates mangal dosha in a girl’s or boy’s horoscope. Mangal dosha creates too many delays and difficulties in marriage. If a Manglik boy is married to a non-Manglik girl, then it can even lead to divorce and too much trouble in the marital life.

Are our marriage reports accurate?
We can assure you that we provide accurate marriage report. A report is analyzed after proper analysis of the horoscope of both the boy and the girl. We have gathered praises and earned loyal customers over the years. We have provided them with accurate prediction and other astrological information.

How will this service help to change your/ mine future married life?
Our experts will surely guide you to make better decisions for the future regarding marriage and partnership. Astrology is a very delicate and detailed science of planets and stars. We study different permutations and combinations for each horoscope and then give proper solutions for each.

Is your personal information safe?
Yes, of course. We keep the personal information completely confidential. Every piece of information is kept secured and never shared by the third party. It is only when you approach us for any query personally. If sharing of the information is done internally, then it is done as if needed only. Example, if an astrologer needs to know your D.O .B then the only date of birth is shared and nothing else.

What are the techniques used by us?
There are various techniques used in astrology for analysis of the birth chart. We use Vedic astrology and various permutations and combinations for the detailed study of the birth chart.

Is spouse birth chart necessary?
Marriage compatibility is essential for a happy married life. If the birth chart of your would be partner is there, then it would be beneficial for the matching analysis. But, in the absence of the horoscope of your partner, our expert can bring conclusions regarding your married life.

Will you get an overview of married life?
Yes, of course. We will provide the complete overview of your married life. The report will also guide you for the best remedies in future for the happy marital bliss.

Is your payment details secure
Yes, your payment details will be 100% secure with us. We use highly secured payment gateway for the secure fund transfer.




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