Mars Retrograde June 2018

Mars Retrograde June 2018

Mars Retrograde – Slow Down!
Mars is in the spotlight because it is conjunct Ketu the planet of moksha. On June 27 th Mars has become retrograde in Capricorn. The last time it happened was in the year 1971. So this is a rare transit. But this is not a negative transit and it is essential to channel the energy of Mars.

Here are some practical ways to handle Mars Retrograde

1. Mars is a fiery and forceful planet – It is important to drink lot of fluids especially one that cool your body.

2. Try to apply Chandan on your forehead – This will help to cool your nervous system. 3. Pray to Lord Hanuman by reciting or listening to The Hanuman Chalisa.

4. Pray regularly to Lord Ganesha – Ganesha is the deity of Ketu and he will help you in the same.

5. Try to pray to Lord Skanda the deity of Mars.

6. Perform Meditation – This is the most effective remedy for removing the malefic effect of any planetary situation. This can bring clarity to the body and will also help one to refrain from anger.

7. If you feel dryness in your body due to lack of fluids, try to stay hydrated and moisturized.

8. Perform the Mars Mudra also known as Angaraka Mudra – This is the joint-hand gesture and effective as it is found in the traditional set of the nine planets. This gesture indicates the character of planet Mars.

Suchi Mudra for slowing down Mars
To perform this mudra, there is a formation of fist with the thumb with middle finger, ring and little finger and the forefinger extends upward.

Mushti Mudra for Mars Retrograde
In this mudra, each hand makes a fist in which thumb stretches over the first three fingers to touch the ring finger.

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