Mars and Saturn Conjunction

Mars and Saturn Conjunction

Mars and Saturn Conjunction In Astrology

Mars is a fiery planet and Saturn is a slow moving planet and a Karmi planet. Both are not compatible to each other. If placed in parallel with each other, they may cause lot of problems and hurdles. In this article you can analyze how the combination of Saturn and Mars can create good and bad results. First of all, I would like to discuss about the benefic aspect of Mars and Saturn. Mars and Saturn Conjunction in astrology is a complex topic to discuss.

Benefic – The native may rise to responsible position in life by virtue of his patience, endurance and force of character, and his extra-ordinary energy and health. The innate capacity will truly be rewarded in life. There will be extra-ordinary enthusiasm and practical executive ability in a person. This combination may be good for doctors, engineers, musicians, authors and actors.

Adverse, Conjn or Parallel – Both being by nature malefic, these are really dangerous aspects by which native develops rash, hasty, and even murderous tendencies. But there should be other afflictions in the horoscope to predict such ominous results.

Any way, when anger lasts, it is uncontrollable. The person may be selfish, and cruel when provoked. He may suffer through surgical diseases or accidents. If the affliction is from the 7th house, there is danger of separation or divorce. If from the 10th, there is danger for the native to fall down from great eminence and rank. The conjn. of these tow planets in the ascendant of a nativity made the native a famous and reputed Violinist.

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When good by aspect – A person may become courageous and enterprising and goes through many an ordeal successfully. Mars and Saturn Conjunction is unique in its way.

When bad by aspect – A person may show sudden outbursts of temper, and if the radix shows afflictions of these two planets, he may develop demoralizing tendencies and bring about his ruin by committing rash acts. He may commit theft or be the victim of theft, depending in the strength of the horoscope. He may squander away some of his immovable belongings or estate, and suffer from poxes, carbuncles, rheumatic diathesis.




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