Medical Astrology In India

Medical Astrology In India

According to astrology, there are three groups of asterism which are in combination with the three doshas of Ayurveda. For example, one born in the vata group of constellations would indeed be generally predisposed towards disease arising from the vata. Similarly, the planets and the signs have also governance over the three dhatus. The Sun governs mostly pitta and a little of vata; the Moon mostly vata etc. In the astrological findings, there is a thorough classification of diseases and the planetary patterns which cause them.

The mind is ruled by the Moon, the Sun rules the soul or self and Mercury rules the nervous system. Disorders arising from the psychosis and neurosis and certain mental abnormalities-exaggeration of certain traits are recognized in all people, and these are the combination of the factors involving the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and the Nodes. Another psychologist, based on statistical research has discovered a marked correspondence between different types of mental disorders and Mercury’s afflictions. If one is suffering from mental fatigue, enhanced self-consciousness, development of an inferiority complex and irritability then the position of Moon has to be taken into consideration. If instead of Moon, the affliction is centred on the Ascendant, the symptoms reveal themselves in the form of fatigue, eye tremor, nausea, soreness of the muscle etc. Melancholia is produced by the simple conjunction of the Moon and Saturn and the person suffers from acute depression.

The Sun-Jupiter-Mars influences centered on the Mercury or the Moon include schizophrenia. If the ruling planet is Mars, then the person develops a persecution complex. The essential pattern of mental melody is clearly seen in the horoscope. Studies in Astro-psychology have revealed interesting details as regards the positive and negative traits of planets. On the positive side, the Moon is imaginative and variable. On the negative side irresponsible, moody, and vacillating. Saturn is clear-headed, careful, self-controlled and on the negative side, it is narrow-minded, callous, miserly and ambitious in a selfish way. On the positive side, Rahu is unconventional, independent and humanistic. On the negative side, he is unsocial, eccentric, neurotic and mildly destructive.

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