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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Aries

Aries ruling the head and facial bones, is prone to migraines, sinus pressure, inflammation, tooth and gum afflictions, neuralgia, wounds, accidents and head injuries. Many Aries are born with a birth mark on their face or head. The major cause of this can be irregular food habits.

Medical Astrology Recommendations For Aries- Intolerance To Lactose Products

The individuals under this share extreme intolerance to the lactose products and in case of moon infliction the child should be given soy milk for restoring the peace of the mind and the body. The effect of the mighty sun causes severe headaches and blood pounding in Aries.

Medical Astrology Recommendations For Aries- Warning Bell For The Old Ones

The people with advancing years should remain conscious about their health and food routine as they are more likely to suffer from blood pressure. Aries share strong urge to express themselves at various platforms which makes their ambition transfer into rage.

Medical Astrology Recommendations For Aries- Avoid Stress By Massaging

Aries should try to remain alienated from the matters which can cause stress as grass on the other side is always greener. This stress is the main reason behind severe headaches and migraines. Timely head massages and developing proper nervous and mental balance and seek poise at all cost. You should aim at achieving harmony as the major therapeutic objective.

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