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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Cancer

Cancer governs the skin, epigastric region and elbows and are susceptible to heartburn, gastric problems and obesity. Due to their trait of getting succumb to the sensitive issues. The body mechanism fails to develop a perfect balance.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Cancer- Prone to develop stress problems

Stress problems occur frequently due to the excessive thinking and having extreme emotional involvement in any matter. Embracing healthy lifestyle is crucial for Cancerians. Including fruits and vegetables in diet like pumpkin, mushrooms and cabbage can prove healthy for mind and body. Fresh Cabbage juice helps in treating stomach issues, irritation and offsetting ulcers.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Cancer – Refrain from Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks don’t actually go along well with Cancerians instead proper intake of water will help calm down their emotional turmoil. Adopting a disciplined behavior while eating is essential for maintain the great digestive health and healthy body.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Cancer- Grab Fish and cut down Sugar

Yeast producing food items like bread, pastry, meat and anti-biotic isn’t suitable for your health. While Fish can prove good for your health.

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