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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Capricorn

The planet which governs Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is associated with everything that is made out of bone in our body. Capricorns are generally assumed to be most endurable sign. The Capricorn is likely to have weak bones and skeleton system and suffer from swelling in limbs, knee injuries, pain in joints and bones. The Capricorn can suffer from Arthritis, Kidney stones, Digestive problems and skin problems.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Capricorn- Calcium Rich Food

Savoring Calcium rich food is advisable for keeping bones and teeth strong. Insufficient intake of minerals can cause osteochondrosis and pain in toes and joints. Calcium can be found in cabbage, wheat, spinach, carrot, broccoli, grapes, cheese and oats.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Capricorn- Protein is a must

Steamed foods and veggies, fruits and poultry are rich source of protein which helps in strengthening the muscles and keeping body healthy.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Capricorn- Avoid Spicy and Seasoned Food

For avoiding upset Stomach, it is important to reduce consumption of spicy and seasoned food.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Capricorn- Beware of drinking

Alcohol is a severe addiction and over indulgence can cause liver problems. Proper organization of food intake is important for proper functioning of Liver and Stomach. Chocolate and sugar should be avoided as it may cause skin eruptions.

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