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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Leo

Leo rules the heart, spinal cord, liver metabolism, spleen, pulmonary arteries, vena cava and aorta and so are prone to serious cardiac arrests, blood clot, nervous tension, jaundice or eye problems.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Leo: Heart Problems

The major reasons which leads to serious heart problems are excessive stress and serious disputes. The Leos are prone to develop baldness in the later stages.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Leo: Adopt Carbohydrate diet

Foods which are rich in carbs are best for Leos. Leo should eat food like figs, lemon, raisins, lentils coconut, peaches and raw egg yolk. The oatmeal, blueberries are some of the food items which should be included in diet for regulating a healthy heart functioning.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Leo: Debunk Meat, Embrace Vegetables

The fiery nature of the Leo is in stark contrast with the meet, beef and turkey lamb. A vegetable diet helps Leo in fighting the diseases and build up a strong immunity especially the green vegetables like spinach, wheat grass and Kale are beneficial for the health.

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