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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Pisces

Pisces governs the body fat and lymph system. Due to delicate body construction they are quite weak. They are prone to catch cold and sinus problems in nearly every season. Pisces also face dehydration problems. The anxiety level in Pisceans leads to disconnection from the world. The feet may suffer from rheumatism.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Pisces- Adequate Sleep

Pisceans should take adequate rest and complete sleep for the lack of sleep can lead to minor headaches and irritation.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Pisces- Include Iron In diet

Pisceans should include iron in diet as insufficiency of iron in body can cause anemia. Cereals, Spinach, Whole grain bread, Apricot and raisins will help in energizing body and increasing immunity.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Pisces- Avoid Alcohol

Pisces are party persons and love to get intoxicated by alcohol. Excessive intake of Alcohol is harmful for the body and mind.

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