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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Scorpio

Scorpio rules reproductive organs and hence is likely to get bothered by the problems related to lungs, prostate gland, throat, intestines. Scorpio possesses high resistance power due to which the recovery is fast.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Scorpio- Avoiding Carnal cravings

The Scorpios are required to avoid unusual sexual cravings by getting diverted and investing maximum time in creative pursuits.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Scorpio- Protection From Sexually Transmitted Disease

Scorpion’s should protect them from getting infected by infections, toxic syndromes and hemorrhoids and the excretory malfunctioning.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Scorpio- Savor Zinc Oriented Foods

For a healthy mind and body, Scorpio should include zinc in their diet and should savor coconut, Cauliflower, Mustard, black cherries and lobster. Scorpions should take rich protein diet like fresh fruit juice, veggies and steamed food.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Scorpio- Avoid excessive Salt and Sugar

Avoid packed foods with artificial sugar and aroma. Virgo should debunk drinking as it can have adverse effect on intestines. For a sound immune and digestive system rich protein diet is a must.

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