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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Taurus

Taurus rules the throat which include the vocal track, neck and thyroid gland. Individuals under this sign are tend to suffer from throat and neck issues. The sore throats in Taurus generally remains for long durations. The people under this are prone to suffer from ear aches.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Taurus- Keep your throat warm

The individuals can suffer from arteritis in veins and the blockages in veins. By adopting measures to keep your throat warm you can safeguard yourself from developing any serious problem.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Taurus – Fast Food a Big No

With Taurus, the main problem is weight gain and their constant love for food deviates them from adopting a healthy lifestyle. Blood pressure, and hypothyroidism are the main problems which pops out with Taurus.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Taurus – Controlling Sweet Tooth

Sweets should be consumed by Taurus baby in less volume until the child reaches the age of 18 years and cutting on high carb diet is essential for maintaining the metabolism of the body and for remaining healthy and fit. Excessive fast food intake will only make the situation worse.

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