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Medical Astrology Recommendations for Virgo

Virgo ruling pancreas and intestines prefers following their gut feeling when it comes to decision making. They are quiet picky about diet and are conscious about trendy weight loss diet. Owing to this, they are likely to be infected by diabetes. They are likely to suffer from stomach problems like indigestion, colic and intestinal infection.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Virgo- Get rid of Anxiety

Lungs, hips, bowels and nervous system are the major body parts regarding which the Virgo faces medical problems. They are required to cut down on anxiety for perfect body metabolism.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Virgo- Savor nervous system friendly food

Virgo’s trait of excessively pondering on something increases the chances of getting affected by anxiety. Lemons, Almonds, lean meat, Avocados and eggs are good for their health.

Medical Astrology Recommendations for Virgo- Avoid Overly processed food

Virgo being prone to get infected by stomach problems should avoid Milk products and overly processed food. This could result in stomach congestion and acidity. An experienced dietitian can help in body detox.

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