Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is one of the most important branch of astrology, it deals with the diagnosis of the disease by studying various permutations and combinations present in the birth chart or the horoscope.
Cosmic bodies are present in the Universe, and their orientation can cause changes in nature such as fluctuations ‘ low tide and high tide’ that is visible, the planets and their influence on the health and thoughts of the human being. The various planetary positions in a horoscope are very crucial in finding the ill health and the onset of disease in an individual. Specific disease, onset of disease and their physical harm can be caused due to the result of certain combinations in the chart.
According to kala Parusha (Cosmic Man ) in Vedic Astrology, the 12 houses of the zodiac represents the 12 different parts of human body. It is applied by an expert astrologer, the concept of Kala Purusha, while reading the horoscope, about the severity of the disease and the impact of the disease on the individual health.
Astrological science is very useful to diagnose the disease well before its actual occurrence in the body. An onset of disease can be seen if
• If there is any bad or malefic aspect of planet like square ( 90 deg ) and opposition ( 180 deg ).
• When the malefic planet such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Neptune, Pluto are in the 6th house, the area of disease, 8th house, the place of longevity and 12th house, the place of death.
• If malefic planet occupies the Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio signs.
• When malefic planets is in the Ascendants, the vital place of body, soul and mind.

Houses and signs in astrology that denotes onset of disease

First house / Aries – Head, face, body in general,. Facial bone, brain and blood vessel of the brain and complexion.
Second house / Taurus – Teeth, the speech, right eye, throat, larynx, neck and bones and blood vessels connecting throat and neck.
Third House / Gemini – Collar bones, hands, lungs, breath, right ear and shoulder.
Fourth House / Cancer – Gastric and digestive system, food poisoning, stomach, gastric ulcers, last phase of cycle.
Fifth House / Leo – Ruled by the Sun, heart ,mind, and spinal cord.
Sixth House / Virgo – Ruled by Mercury and the disease associated can be stomach problems, intestines weakness, kidneys stones, stomach problems and abdomen disease.
Seventh House / Libra – Ruled by Venus. It affects the navel cavity, lumbar region, skin and waist.
Eighth House / Scorpio – Ruled by the fiery Mars. It rules urinary and sexual organs, pelvic bones, bladder and anus.
Ninth house / Sagittarius – Ruled by the Jupiter – causes nerves and thighs disease, arterial system and hips.
Tenth House / Capricorn – Ruled by the lord Saturn . It bad aspect causes knees and hams, joint pains and bone loss.
Eleventh House / Aquarius – Ruled by the planet Saturn. If bad aspected causes ankles, blood circulation and problem in the left ear.
Twelfth House / Jupiter – Ruled by Jupiter. Its bad aspect causes feet and toe disease, hospitalization and death.



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