Medicinal Value of Rudraksha

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest and most popular healing art. Our whole universe consists of five elements in abundance, i.e. earth, water, sunshine, air and sky. The human body is a very good example of this world made up of the same five elements. The whole universe consists of only five elements in abundance, i.e. earth, water, sunshine, air, and sky.

Any imbalance in any of the above five elements results in calamities in the world. The seven elements that play a very important role in the living body are called as Sapta Dathus and they are Rasa (Liquid form of eaten food), Mansa (Flesh), Medha (Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone Marrow). Rudraksha is the only herb in the world which acts on the human body, mind and spirit. It acts as a weapon of confidence. It helps to relieve mental tension . It can also be defined as a Holistic medicine.

The bead of Rudraksha has Ayurvedic qualities. Each Rudraksha has some preventive and curative medicinal value. Beads of Rudraksha, its bark leaves and outer shell are used to cure various ailments and diseases like headache, mental disorders, fever, skin disease and it also heals the wounds. It cures mental stress and provides mental stability.


Before starting or using any therapy, it is advisable to consult any expert, priest, vaidya or any medicinal expert.


Blood purifier and general tonic-One part of Rudraksha and six part of water. Crush the Rudraksha and boil it. Use this water as a quath. If taken with honey, it helps to purify blood.

For Sleep – For good sleep, keep Rudraksha under your pillow.

Chicken Pox or Small pox- Make a paste of five mukhi rudraksha and use it in the affected area.

Piles – Use powder Rudraksha, triphala churna and guggulu in the ratio of 1:4:4 and take orally with water.

Memory power- Boil four or six mukhi rudraksha in milk and take it regularly for a month. It will increase your memory power.

Blood Pressure -To keep your blood pressure normal, keep 5 mukhi rudraksha in a glass of water whole night, and take this water in the morning.

For brain disease -Take a big four mukhi Rudraksha. Boil it in a 1 liter of cow milk for 10 minutes. After cooling the milk to luke warm, drink this milk and avoid eating anything for half an hour. This should be done for 21 days.

Rudraksha is also used in other ailments. It is very effective in curing the disease.

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