Melasma and Ayurveda

Melasma and Ayurveda

Melasma is identified by small patches on the face, usually found on either side of nose that occurs most often in women. It is more commonly seen in the people with darker complexion. It is caused due to hormonal changes in the body; hence it is widely seen during puberty, during pregnancy and in people with hormonal replacement therapy. Sometimes freckles are also seen on the face, Freckles are small circular patches which is influenced and found usually in young people with fair complexion.

In Ayurveda, both these conditions can be called as ‘Vyanga’. This word is derived by the root words – Vi + Anga. Vi refers to vikriti (derangement) and anga refers to normal body part.

Acharya Charaka defined this condition as the disease which manifests over the face due to variation of vata and pitta that result in painless, thin and bluish black and brown circular patches in the body.

Causative factors for Vyanga (Hyperpigmentation):
As per Ayurveda following reasons are pointed out in the manifestation of Vyanga-
1) Heavy facial exercise such as singing, reading book and speaking immediately after food.
2) Day sellp
3) Blood impurification such as excess spicy food.
4) Factors that can aggravate the pitta dosha like fear, anger and frief
5) Sour and salty food.

Modern science specifies the contribution of following factors in this disease-
• Persistent anemia
• Endocrine disorders
• Chronic liver disorders
• Familial disposition
• Increase in progesterone and estrogen level in the blood.

Features of Vyanga (freckles / melasma):
Vataja Vyanga – Skin appears rough with bluish black patches / spots
Pittaja Vyanga – Edges are coppery red
Kaphaja Vyanga – Edges are white and associated with itching
Raktaja- Edges are red and coppery red in the centre and associated with tingling and burning sensation.

Ayurvedic medicines for freckles and melasma:
1. Medicines useful in establishing hormonal balance, required in melasma treatment:
Kumaryasava – It is used in the treatment of digestive gland and urinary tract disorders.
Chandanasava – Used in the treatment of menstrual disorders.
Mahamanjishthadi kashaya – It is widely used for treating skin problems.
Chandraprabha vati – It is useful in UTI and hormonal imbalance.

Melasma is a condition that can be treated with Ayurvedic herbs. Apart from Ayurveda, medical astrology can also help in the treatment of Melasma If you’re looking for medical astrologer in India, you can contact Astrologer Prashant Kapoor.



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