Mercury Direct on 10 th October 2015 - Top 10 Things To Do

Mercury Direct on 10 th October 2015 – Top 10 Things To Do

Mercury is the planet of communication and wisdom. Beneficial Mercury in the horoscope gives the best result in the education and knowledge. It makes a person effective in the communication skill. When Mercury goes retrograde, frustration level increases. Misunderstandings are created between the two people, as Mercury is the planet o communication, mental peace, knowledge, and wisdom.

Mercury is now direct on 10th October 2015, so feel relaxed at mental peace. Frustration level must be gone now. So, try to patch up with old relations, friends and relatives, if any smoky shadow is still present. It is a time for new beginnings, setting the record, clearing any disputes and making new effective plans. This is a best time to take good leap in financial level

1. Try to stay calm and patient during this period. Too much aggressive behavior can land you into trouble. Just relax and think twice before speaking. Because when a planet moves from retrograde to direct motion, it needs a coffee table to set itself right according to the direction. Do not rush to take actions.

2. This is an excellent time period to sign any contract, deals and negotiations at the business level. Luck will roll during Mercury direct.

3. If you are unemployed, then this is the period where you can get ample employment opportunities. You will get offer in the job and a promotion is also indicated. Good opportunities will knock at the door.

4. Bingo !!!!!!!!!!! You will be lucky enough as your luck will favor in the lottery. This is also a good period to buy good gadget, mobiles and other electronic goods.

5. If you are thinking of investment, then go for it. Your gut instinct will favor you in the investment. It is a good time to take action.

6. Travel travel and travel……………..If planning for a trip abroad, just move on. It is a great time to plan an exotic holiday. You jump as discounts on travel cards are also foreseen.

7. Mercury going direct…then what is to think now. Clear the misunderstanding which is between your friends, spouse, and family members. Speak with our heart.

8. If you are thinking of any major decisions for your life, then this is the best time. Your decisions will be accurate and correct. Mercury going direct will give clarity of thoughts, so take the decision.

9. If you are in a relationship and thinking of marriage, then it’s appropriate to culminate the ongoing relations into marriage.

10. There will be good home atmosphere. Relations with the children will improve. Children will do good in their studies, so motivate them as much as needed.

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