Mercury is the Messenger of God

Mercury is the Messenger of God

Mercury is the planet of communication. If the placement of Mercury is good in the horoscope, then it gives good speech and communication. Mercury is the great messenger of the Gods as said; he represents our speech and general transactions. He also organizes and helps to articulate materials. On a higher level, we can say that it connects us with what is right and what is wrong, our inner capacities and power of mind. Mercury also governs our writing and helps to educate and calculate our thought. It helps to develop our ability to correlate our ideas and fast interchange of information, or to assess the true things of life. Mercury is not the planet of wealth but it is the acquiring and keeping planet and helps us to organize our things.

Mercury is the planet of rule. It breaks down the barriers between people and reveals the humanity and common needs between people. He also possesses a certain compassion and sense of equality which is based not so much upon the sentiments and the emotional side of the person. Mercury shows the way we appears and how we function in the network of transaction that helps to build up and make up the world of things and ideas. It is the fastest moving planet among all and so it is indicates quick comprehension, facility and responsible for quick correction of ideas, the fast interchange of information of things.

If the position of Mercury is weak and it makes us to rationalize things to suit our purposes and creates immaturity and folly. It can also create dishonesty and lack of proper defined boundaries. In today’s culture, Mercury is the most factor of good communication and if it is in combination with Mars, it creates products like computers, mobile phone, internet and mass media.

Mercury is retrograde 4 times a year and when communication gets lots, computer stars malfunctioning, and market gets ups and downs affected by wild and baseless rumors, then we should think that Mercury is moving in a retrograde fashion. The rules are very simple for Mercury is up, you should be mature in your communication as much as you can and try to develop the habit of communication before transaction. Avoid investment or avoid finalizing of any documents or agreements. You should also wait to do all things till Mercury improves in your chart.

Mercury is the planet of communication, so you should think twice before communication. Ill-placed Mercury in the birth chart can land you into trouble while communicating. So it is better to avoid which carry no sense at all. Before talking, take a leap, right and left, and then start communicating. Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo, so the people belonging to these ascendants are keen of conversation and they converse strongly. They have deep meaning and sense in their communication and they avoid chatting unnecessarily. The gemstone associated with this planet is Emerald. Wear emerald to enhance your communication and wisdom.

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