Mercury - Ruled by God Kesava

Mercury – Ruled by God Kesava

Mercury – The planet of Communication and Intelligence
Mercury is also known as ( Hermes ), the planet which revolve around the Sun in about 88 days and is the nearest planet to the Sun, being about 36 miles in distance. It is otherwise called as the Winged Messenger of the Gods and does the work of another to which it is in close aspect. Therefore, it is also called a convertible or a mutable planet, possessing willo the –wisp character.
Mercury also represents the God “ Kesava”, of the Hindus, in other words the protective agency and it presides over the poetry, grammar, philosophy, veda, skill and cleverness in all branches of learning.

Its chief domain is over the mind, memory, intellect, intelligence, knowledge, genius, thought and desire. Well placed Mercury in the birth chart gives a person a clever mind and good in oration. It gives the person ready, wit, an easy acquisition of and command over many languages, taste for and competence in Philosophy, Mathematics and Accountancy. Mercury governs the sharath ruthu, the month of October and November. Its color is grayish or pale blue (green according to Kalidas), ashy, yellow and its metal quick-silver.If it is ill dignified in a horoscope, then it gives stammering, lack of memory and lack of fluency in the speech. Organs of the body ruled by the Mercury are nose, the brain, the hands, the tongue and the nervous system.

It rules the ductless gland thyroid and the disease associated with ill aspect of Mercury in a birth chart gives insanity, headaches, spasm, giddiness, defective hearing, hysteria, locomotor ataxy and defective tongue.Places ruled by Mercury are Universities, Colleges, Schools, Exchange places and gaming industry. The plants and herbs ruled are walnut, caraway, male fern, willow, valerian and gingelly.

Mercury rules the sign Virgo and Gemini. A well placed Mercury in these two sign makes a person highly educated and intelligent. A person is a good communicator and can withdraw all the negative aspect of a life. If it is well placed in a first house, it gives ability for oratory or for mastering many languages and increases the mental ability and argumentative nature. It makes the body slender and tall and much active spirit giving power of inquiry into many subjects including literature and collecting every kind of information. It also enhances the business ability and gives good business ability as a leader.

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