Mercury In The Twelve Signs

Mercury In The Twelve Signs

Mercury is the planet of communication and wisdom. Exalted Mercury in the birth chart make a person a well mannered linguistic and fine in communication. Although it depends on the position of Mercury in the Lord of house it is present.

Mercury in Aries – It gives a mean stature, spare and thin body, oval face and light brown in color. A mind rather ill-disposed, addicted to dispute and stealing.

Mercury in Taurus – It gives a middle-sized, corpulent, thick person, strong and well set, swarthy sun-burnt and dark and thick hair. The person is idle, slothful, and one who loves and care and gluttony, and who ruins himself among the female sex.

Mercury in Gemini – It gives a tall, upright, straight-body, well formed, good complexion and very intelligent look. An ingenious pregnant fancy, a good orator and a cunning lawyer.

Mercury in Cancer – It personates a low, short stature, or squab figure, an ill complexion. The person is addicted to drinking with little finger, ill natured and dishonest.

Mercury in Leo – Gives a full large body and a good stature, dull, swarthy, sunburnt complexion. The person has full eyes, broad and high nose and a hasty proud, conceited, ambitious and boasting personality.

Mercury in Virgo – Denotes a tall, slender, well-proportioned person, dark brown hair. A very witty, ingenious and a talented mind.

Mercury in Libra – It personates a tall body, well made, but not thin, light brown, smooth hair and sanguine complexion. A juts virtuous and a prudent man.

Mercury in Scorpio – It gives a short, mean, stature, full and well set but ill made body. Not any way elegant or pleasing, yet ingenious.

Mercury in Sagittarius – Denotes a person of tall stature, well formed, not corpulent, but rather large boned and spare, an oval face, a large nose and a ruddy complexion.

Mercury in Capricorns – It gives a mean, small stature, often crooked make and a bow-legged, a thin face, dusky complexion and brown hair.

Mercury in Aquarius – It shews a person of middle height, rather fleshy and corpulent, a good complexion and clear skin. An ingenious, obliging character, inclined to study, fond of arts and sciences.

Mercury in Pisces – It gives a short, squab, dumpy figure. A very peevish, repining, foppish person, addicted to wine and women.

Please note – This is a general findings and the complete details can be analysed after studying the horoscope.

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