Metals and Their Relationship With The Planets

Metals and Their Relationship With The Planets

Metals and Their Relationship with The Planets

Stones are most effective as amulets and talisman, but metals are also suitable. Metals can be used in conjunction with a stone to enhance its value and meaning. Amulets are most effective when made by the person wearing it. When a combination of both a stone and metal are used in making an amulet, though the stone is most effective, it is best to use gold whenever possible, for the best vibrations of the metals. Gold should be used as a material in a chain. In all cases, metal should be pure. The metals are also suitable for charms and money clips and symbolize planetary seals which are as follows.

The various metals associated with the planets are:








Uranus-No metallic affiliation


Gold Amulet is a piece of jewelry that is worn in the neck. It is made by gold bar heated in a furnace with an amulet mold. It is extremely beneficial for a nervous system and treats blood-related disorders. It also helps to control hormonal imbalances. A gold amulet is an excellent, high-level gem amplifier. Gold is ruled by the Sun, and it provides more assertive energy to crystals and minerals. Gold’s lack of toxicity makes it highly useful for medical science. It also helps to make you calm and provides positive energy around your heart chakra. For unmarried girls, it’s an excellent talisman to find a suitable match.

Metals and Their Relationship with The Planets: 

Would elaborate in next article about the relationship of the metals with gemstones and planets belong to.

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