Mexican Opal

Mexican Opal

Mexican Opal Meaning

Mexican opal is one of the best variety of Opal. You will come across with two major kinds of Mexican fire opal. The first one is found in transparent orange, red and yellow without any striking play of colour. The second one is found in brown and consists of tones which are similar with some other precious opal. Buy Certified Mexican Opal online at wholesale prices

Opals are the finest and the most-well known gem for pendants, earrings, brooches. Opal is the specific birthstone for those people who are born in October. It has striking range of colours which range from yellow to orange and then red to brown at different angles. If you are purchasing a Mexican fire opal, look for its play of colours.

If you’re keeping opal in stretched plastic bag, with moist piece of cotton or cloth it will help to avoid dryness. It has water content present in it, so opals are the most perceptive to rapid changes in heat. The Mohs scale is used for determining if mineral is delicate or hard. If it has a Mohs scale of 5.5, it shows window hardness. It is essential to clean the dust off from the opal for keeping its proper shine.

The Legend of Fire Opal

The term “Opal” has been originated from the Greek word “Opallus” which means to make change in colour. The Latin word “opalus” means valuable stone. In ancient age, it was thought to help in the therapeutic treatment. It is also known that ancient civilizations of Central America, considered fire opal as a stone that represented life and was created in the heavens. Fire opal is also known as the Paradise bird due to its brilliant colours as compared to other gemstones. Today, if we look over the metaphysics of we can find that fire opal is considered as the stone of joy and happiness, and one only has to look fire opal and enjoy the colours and fire that help releases free flow of the emotions and feelings of warmth and harmony.

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