Moldavite Gemstone

Moldavite – A Gemstone for Mother Earth

Moldavite is also called as stone of New age and it is form of Tekktite. The het of impact that was metamorphosed on the surrounding rocks created a strew field by flinging the resulting crystals over a vast area. Moldavite is therefore a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with mother earth. It has been used since Stone Age time as Talisman. Many people believe that it came to aid earth’s transition and healing. Some of the remarkable benefits of wearing Moldavite are:

1) Moldavite brings you to communication and with the higher self of the body.
2) Moldavite has its own cosmic oversoul, which can put you to touch with the Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers.
3) It helps one to hold back the negative energy and brings positivity in the life.
4) It has high vibration that opens, clears the blockages from the body.
5) Moldavite is a useful stone for sensitive people who find it difficult being in incarnation on the earth and who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions.
6) Moldavite facilitates journeys to other lives if it is appropriate for the one.
7) Moldavite resonates with the crown chakra of the body and heals the same.
8) Moldavite integrates with the divine blue print and accelerates spiritual growth.
9) Moldavite is unconventional and inspiring at mental level.
10) Moldavite makes one aware of the cause and the source of diseases and then supports the releasing and healing process of the same.
11) Moldavite can awaken latent memories and access spiritual information through the intellect.
12) It releases fixed ideas and archic belief systems and also neutralizes hypnotic commands.
13) Moldavite if placed on forehead, throat and crown chakra heals the same.
14) Moldavite assists in developing detachment from mundane, earthbound security issues.
15) Moldavite helps to download information from the Akashic Record.

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