Mole astrology for female

Mole Astrology for Female

Moles are present naturally during birth on the human body. There are some moles after certain age and some moles develop as we grow older. The size, position and the nature of the mole is useful for understanding the person. With appropriate knowledge, we can say a lot about the person’s luck and their characteristics. Here is some of the important information about the mole that can help us to understand the nature of the person.

Mole Meaning on Chest
Woman with mole on her chest is a lucky one; she will enjoy immense wealth and happy life. She can also easily overcome the obstacles and hurdles coming in her life. However, she may be confused always. She will also give room to irrational fears and must not loose her temper.

Mole Meaning of Breast
A mole on right breast says lot about the children. Many of the children may be girls and you will be also blessed with a happy and luxurious life, if mole is on the left breast, you may have only son.

Mole Meaning of Forehead
Mole on the forehead is for the lucky woman on the earth. If mole is on the left forehead, she will be a good leader and can lead your home or workplace driven towards successful life. If mole on the right forehead you will be a having a strong fortune.

Mole Meaning of Cheek
If mole is on any of the cheeks, you will be a lucky person and influential lady. Lot of males will be attracted towards you. Men will try to be in your company. There can be some proposals that can make you happy and content.

Mole Meaning of Nose
Mole on the nose indicates a lucky life. You will certainly marry a rich and a person of name and fame. You will never face scarcity of money and you will find a happy lie all the time with fewer things. You must however try to overcome your shortcomings.

Mole Meaning of Ear
The mole on the ear is very lucky sign. The lady will enjoy ultimate comforts and happiness in life and will also travel abroad. You will handle the issues of life systematically. You will be also soft hearted and will possess a sympathetic heart.

Mole Meaning of Navel
Mole on the navel indicates a happy romantic life. You will have several things in life that will make you happy. So there is no need to worry. Try to be optimistic and invite all the good luck that come across you.

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