Moon in cancer

Moon In Cancer

The Moon is an important part of who we are, just as important as our Sun sign and our Ascendant or Rising sign. Our sun represents our ‘soul’, and our outer side, our moon represents our inner side. Moon sign shows, who we are truly from inside.

According to some astrological thoughts, it is believed that the Moon sign dominates for the first 30 years of our lives as we are carry on where we left off in the last incarnation, before easing slowly into our Sun sign as we mature. The Moon sign shows our emotions and emotional energies, our intuition and the things we require to make us feel secure.

Those who are born under the sign of crab is typically a sensitive and moody person who feels a strong need to nurture and protect others. Cancer is also a sign that is linked to the aspect of past karma and there may be a tendency to cling to the past, and one may find difficult to let go past hurts or experiences. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, a person with Moon in Cancer will often find these qualities.

How to Deal with Sensitivity of Moon in Cancer?

If you are in love or you’re a friend of someone with Moon in Cancer, it is to be remembered that you should be gentle, understanding with your character. You should have no doubt while loving them and warmth they exude, and you may certainly appreciate them and give qualities they give to you and others. These people are really a kind one!

There can be some difficult feeling as though you are walking through the shells of mollusk, but remember that when they become moody or angry with something you said which was not of their interest and it hurt them, it is only because they hurt so easily and their sullenness or anger is a reaction to the pain caused by you.

There is a good reason why the crab has such a hard shell, this is because to protect it from the world’s anger. Patience and kindness are the two vital things shown by this sign.

Concluding Thoughts

If you have a Moon in your Cancer, life can be a turbulent roller-coaster of emotions. There could be ups and downs, lows and highs – they are the norm; and yet, all you will want to be is safe, secure and comfortable in your own nest. You love your home and liked to be surrounded by your loved ones. It certainly can bring tricky feelings of deep caring. You should never feel bad about your negative behavior because you are tender and you need love and just remember world needs people like you and you should feel happy about yourself. Your emotions may let you down sometimes, but it is not so bad. Therefore it is ok, if you feel and want to be loved. You are a genuine soul and never get harassed by the circumstances and other negative aspect.



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