Moon and Jupiter Combination In a Horoscope

Moon and Jupiter Combination In a Horoscope

Parallel and Benefic

Moon and Jupiter Combination In a Horoscope is full of amazing facts. This is a very good aspect in a horoscope by which the native will have much good health, and wealth more by his acquisitions than by rich inheritance, continuous fame, favors from superiors, and many friends. The conjn. of especially the waxing Moon with benign and jovial Jupiter and particularly in an angle certainly makes the many rich, affluent, and extremely popular.

Adverse Effect

The native who has this bad aspect incurs lavish expenditure, over-stepping the bounds of moderation, spoils his health through extreme and intemperance in habits. He or she suffers losses in either speculation or business, and is addicted to reckless gambling and other hazardous enterprises.

When good by Progression – All matters tend to take a favorable course and a period of success and increased finance can be expected. Birth of children, prosperity, rise in the profession are certain. If in the radix these are strong and in good aspect, construction of new buildings and laying out gardens will be undertaken.

When bad by Progression – Losses by frauds, litigation, or domestic worries are sure to follow. Any venture or speculation in this period will meet with total failure. When this aspect occurs in fairly aged persons, there is danger of apoplexy, bursting of blood vessels, or irregular action of the liver.

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Good Moon and Jupiter combination is very good for a person because it forms Gaj Kesari Yoga. This is a highly auspicious Yoga and it helps one to achieve all names, fame and other luck of life. This Yoga is formed when both the planets are exalted and aspected by good house in the horoscope. This Yoga is a powerful Yoga that helps to develop innate tendencies to achieve that one wants in their life.



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