Moon and Mars Combination In Horoscope

Moon and Mars Combination In Horoscope

Moon and Mars Combination In Horoscope makes one unique and talented. Moon and Mars are two benefic planets but we can give little weight-age to Mars because Mars also comes under the malefic planet. If Moon and Mars is placed in your horoscope, then they give results as per the degrees and the position they are occupying from their ascendant. Let us see the combined effect of Moon and Mars in your birth chart.

If beneficial by aspect

The native will be highly generous, bold, ambitious and enterprising. Like the aspect of Sun to Mars excellent physique, strong constitution and robust health are indicated. There will be much fascination for sports, and much competence for prize winning. There would be also extreme liberality and open-minded nature which can often cause inability to hoard up money sufficiently.

If adverse, conjunction or parallel

It will make a native impulsive and reckless. There will be difficulties and hindrances, ill-reputation and ill-health. There will be strong attraction towards the opposite sex. If the affliction is from the 7th, early death of the wife is indicated.

If good by Progression, then fresh enterprise that may bring honor, elevation and financial success are generally launched. There will be much activity and boldness in all undertaking, coupled with popularity.

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If bad by Progression, there will be a tendency of recklessness, foolishness, extravagance, losses, accidents, public slander, loss of dear relative, domestic quarrel are some of the things faced by the native.

When good by Progression it makes one invest in profitable investments, on houses, lands or gardens and gains honor or even succeed to legacies, depending upon the strength of the aspect at birth. He may be placed in a responsible position.

When bad by Progression, the native passes through an evil time when his health, finance or domestic circumstances cause him much despondency. There may be a death of a female in his circle, and some of his property may have to be parted with.



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