Moon and Mercury Combination

Moon and Mercury Combination

Combinations of Moon and Mercury
The conjunction of Moon with Mercury gives high imagination and linguistic capabilities because Mercury is a planet of communication and Moon gives imagination to a person. But theses combination also makes the person changeable, unsteady and highly loquacious. Lack of concentration and versatility but keen observation are marked.
Adverse of this combination – It can make a person over anxious, indecisive, lack of mental balance, intemperance, deceit, forgery, thefts and making false reports.
If good by progression, the native finds it easy to get through any tough periods in life. All literary pursuits are successful and his dealings with brothers and relatives will be happy. There will be some travel, which will be ultimately good.

If bad by Progression – Then utmost care is necessary in either speech or correspondence. Thorough circumspection coupled with steadiness and forethought is necessary to avoid many a slander from fraud from others. All travels or change of residence will result in extravagant expenditure.

Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect. It rules the communication and intelligence of person. It also brings wisdom and makes one understanding and thoughtful. Its chief domain is over the mind, genius, thought, memory and intellect. It gives the person ready wit, an easy acquisition of and command over many languages, taste for and competence in Philosophy, Mathematics and Accountancy. It further rules over business, correspondence, and book selling.

Mercury giverns Sharath Ruthu (October and November), Montras, Charms etc. If the placement of Mercury is ill dignified, it leads to stammering speech, lack of memory and fluency. It makes one to try too many occupations and unfruitful. Propensity for lying, thieving and spreading scandals.

Organs of the body – Mercury rules over the nose, the brain, the tongue and the lungs. Mercury also rules nervous system.
Mon rules over the air, the water and the earth. Leo tells that the waxing Moon rules over the arteries, the motor nerves and the muscles. If Moon is afflicted in the horoscope, it gives mental disease to a person. The Moon governs all the cells in the brain, the lymph, the fat and the left eye of the male and the right eye of the female.
The Moon shows the water power. Its color is silvery, white, sea-green. Moon controls the Varsha Ruthu and her chief domain is mind, the sleep and the fruits of the flower and the earth. When it is afflicted, it makes the native generally unfortunate and sickness and infancy in old age. The organs ruled by the Moon are the ovaries, cord round and the waist. It causes asthma, dysentery, throat troubles, tumors and bronchitis.
The animals that are ruled by the Moon are dog, cat, mouse, amphibians, and horses. The birds ruled by the Moon are goose, crab and water birds. The plants and herbs ruled by the Moon are the cucumber, melon, the white poppy, mercury, the sugarcane and curds. If in the ascendant, it gives an amiable and a easy going nature with a pleasing personality.

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