Red coral for early marriage

Moonga for Early Marriage

Red Coral, also known as Moonga, is the gemstone of planet Mars or Mangal.  It is a very auspicious stone and is basically a sea water product.  Red Coral is not a product of mines.  It is available in multiple colours such as white, red, and vermillion colour.  It plays an important role in remedial astrology field; however, one should first consult the astrologer before wearing it.

Red Coral and Planet

Red Coral or Moonga is ruled by planet Mars.  Mars is the planet of vitality, blood circulation, and energy.  When the planet Mars is ill placed in the horoscope, the red coral is prescribed to negate the ill effects of Mars.  Mars can create problem in the lives of many people by making things difficult in marriage.  Hence, people who are mangliks can wear Red Coral to boost the energy of Mars and to bring about early and successful marriage.

Red Coral or Moonga can be worn by multiple individuals, but it is equally beneficial for those who are facing marital problems or have mangal dosha in their horoscope.

Now, let us know what is Mangal Dosha?  In Astrology, the placement of Mars in certain houses creates mangal dosha.  Mars is known as Mangal in Sanskrit.  An astrological condition takes place when mangal or Mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house in a person’s horoscope.  Individuals who have this are called Mangliks.  Mangal Dosha in the horoscope can have a negative effect in one’s married life.  This is regarded as serious dosha with respect to marriage, as it creates problems in one’s marriage, may lead to separation, and even tends to be the root cause of delayed marriage for people having mangal dosha in their horoscope.  The most common effect of mangal dosha is delay in marriage.  Mangal dosha can lead to one’s marriage as late as 40 years or even more.

Red Coral for Whom?

Red Coral or Moonga can be worn by individuals having mangal dosha in their horoscope for early marriage.  When two mangliks marry, then the ill effects of Mars are nullified.  It is well known that Mars or Mangal is the main cause of delaying marriage for an individual who is having mangal dosha.  Here, Red Coral or Moonga comes into play.  Moonga has got beautiful looks and can be considered as a boon for people who are facing trouble in marriage.  Wearing Red Coral or Moonga is especially beneficial for young women who have mangal dosha in their horoscope.  By wearing the Red Coral, one can heighten and strengthen the chances of having a marriage filled with love, respect and, loyalty.

Red Coral is not a very hard stone and hence it is important for someone in need of it to find it of great quality that would last and perform well for many years.

It is also important to consult your astrologer first before wearing Red Coral or Moonga.  Ask your astrologer to take a look at your horoscope and decide and recommend a red coral or moonga according to his/her expertise, which would work best for you.

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