Moonga Stone ( Red Coral )

Moonga Stone ( Red Coral )

Moonga (Red Coral) Stone
Moonga is also called as Red Coral. It is the gemstone of Mars or Mangal as per Vedic astrology. Moonga stone is very well suited to the people who have well placed mars in their horoscope. It is the lucky stone for the Aries ascendant and Scorpio ascendant, but before wearing Moonga / Red Coral it is essential to know the proper position of favorable planets such as Sun and Mars in a horoscope. Mars is the planet of energy and it provides immense energy to the wearer. By wearing this red gemstone, one get cured by the disease of blood circulation and anemia.

Moonga is worn on the ring finger of the right hand and it shows its effect one month after wearing it.

Identification of Red Coral or Moonga Gemstone
Red coral gemstone can be identified by its good vibrant red color.
The surface of the stone is smooth and shiny.
It is free of dents, holes and perforations.
It has regular shape and even surface.

Moonga Stone Benefits
Moonga stone helps one to get victory over the enemy.
Another powerful effect of Moonga is over the mental health. It improves the depression and other mental trauma of a person.
Red Coral gives energy, vigor and power.
It is useful for those people having adverse position of Mars in a horoscope but after proper analysis of horoscope with an experienced astrologer.
Red coral gives strong protection against eye diseases, black magic and hexing.
People who are going through debt period should wear Red Coral for get good after proper analysis of the horoscope.

Moonga Stone Price
The price of the Moonga stone depends on the quality and the mines extracted. Red Coral is obtained from the coral reef found in the oceans and the sea. It is sometimes difficult to get an original red coral / moonga stone because there are many gemstones sellers in the market selling fake gemstone in the name of Red coral, so before buying gemstone make sure to get a certificate of authenticity from IGI or GIA. It can be made in a jewelry or it can be studded as a stone in a ring with designs.
Moonga ring also gives good effects if worn on the right hand.

Moonga Stone side effects
Before wearing Moonga stone, get a proper consultancy from an experienced astrologer because it may cause harm if not worn after proper consultancy.

Triangle Moonga Stone Benefits
The triangle shaped Moonga is considered very auspicious because it denotes the three good luck to the wearer viz: name, fame and wealth. It also brings positive energy in the life of the wearer by removing the negativity.

Moonga stone in India
If you’re suffering from mangal dosha and marriage problems due to ill-placed Mars in your horoscope then you may wear Red Coral /Moonga after proper consultation with an expert astrologer. You can visit our website for prior appointment of with our expert Mr Prashant Kapoor.

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