Moonstone Meaning and Benefits

Moonstone Meaning and Benefits

The mysterious moonstone is used for centuries in a variety of cultures. It is a perfect expression of the yin feminine energy, soothing energy of the moon. The moonstone is the gem that brings calmness and balances the mind towards negative tendencies. The moonstone creates tranquillity which is sensual and different from the other-worldly quality such as soft glow of deep vitality and creative energy.

Meaning of Moonstone
The meaning of moonstone is in its energy – a nourishing, sensual, and a feminine energy that knows the power of healing and bring one back to the wholeness. It is the stone of the moon, deep healing waters and sacred feminine energy. It has high vibrant rays of purple, gold and blue colors. The mysterious moonstone is enveloped in a shimmering white energy, which makes it a protective stone.

Properties of Moonstone
This is the gem regarded as the master healer for women –it brings soothing and calming energy and helps regain back the power and the inner balance of the body. If one wear moonstone often, then he will start receiving insights about the way of mistreating the true female power and the sense of all healing. The milky moon, the motherly energy and the peaceful cocooning heals the silence and brings the soothing calm and the helps to gather the power back. All these properties are attributed to the beautiful moonstone. The clearer moonstone and colorful glow, it has the more healing power and allows oneself to experience different moonstones in different jewelry forms.

Moonstone and Fengshui
Yes, in feng shui, the moonstone is used for its calming, yin energy abilities and also recreates the water feng-shui element. If kept in home or an office with lot of fiery Yang energy, it can benefit much from the ability of moonstone to bring more balance in the life. There are many Buddha moonstone pendants in many on-line feng shui shops. It is a perfect expression of the assimilation of a more enlightened state of mind. The energy of Kuan Yin and White Tara are also often expressed in various carvings of moonstone.

Caring for Moonstone
It is important to take proper care of your moonstone, be it in jewellery, spheres, eggs or tumbled stones. Cleanse the moonstone beads often and try to protect it from the direct rays of the sunlight. Take good care of your moonstone and you’ll receive the most nourishing and abundance of beautiful and balanced healing energy. Unlike other crystals, the best way to reenergize moonstone is by the light of the moon. You can either choose the new moon day or the potent presence of the full moon energy. The moonstone should be treated right, will give its maximum effect and good healing connection. So take proper care of your gem and try to connect with its vibrant and soothing colours. Moonstone should be worn after proper consultation, although it doesn’t have any negative effect. However, sometimes it may cause gloomy and depressive tendencies in a person

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