Muzo Emerald In India

Muzo Emerald In India

What is Muzo Emerald?
Muzo emerald is a rare variety of emerald that is sourced from Muzo emerald mine from Colombia. We know that Colombia is far-reaching and is the finest producer of emerald gemstone and Muzo is the prime emerald location in Colombia. In Colombia, we can find Muzo mines situated 60 miles in the northeast of Bogota. This mine is located nearest to the corner of Boyoca region, that lies between the Andes Mountain. Muzo mine is one of the most popular mine other than Colombia. It is the best producer of emerald gemstone. Now, the process of extraction of Muzo emerald stone is carried out in five different galleries. There are four vertical mines including Cathedral, Tequendama, Puerto Arturo and Volvere.

How to Identify Muzo Emeralds?
It is not easy to recognize a Muzo emerald. However, there are some people who have certain knowledge and have good experience in buying emeralds in Colombia. They can figure out the mining location by carefully assessing the minor physical differences. Within the gemstone industry, Muzo emerald – Colombia is known for its soft green and warm, pleasant green color. The color of this emerald is neither too bluish nor too yellowish. This is the exclusive variety and is identified by color and size. As per the gem experts, Muzo Colombian emeralds do not possess and outstanding clarity.

But some of the top gem quality have exceptional clarity which is Colombian Emerald extracted from Muzo mine. These gemstones are equally reputed as world’s most precious gemstone such as Mogok, Sapphires of Kashmir and Diamonds of Golconda. This is a unique and natural Muzo mine Colombian emerald that lies in its extraordinary size, exceptional transparency, and mesmerizing green hue.

Where to buy Muzo emeralds online?
When looking for the finest quality emerald, nothing can surpass the excellence of Muzo emeralds. Due to its superior quality and immense popularity, Muzo emerald, Colombia has now gained a brand reputation. In the market, the prices of Colombian emerald increase further when traders link it with Muzo mine. Sometimes, Muzo emerald prices can even beat the value of expensive diamonds and some other precious colored gemstones.
But an irony is that even the most renowned gem testing laboratories cannot determine the origin of Muzo gemstone. The big dealers of the gemstone industry are confused while identifying the Muzo emerald-Colombia. This is because the gem usually gets mixed during the sorting process. It is difficult to bring the difference between the color, clarity and average size of the gem. The verbal claims that define Muzo Emerald-Colombia are not good enough to draw a high Colombian Muzo emerald price.

At Astrokapoor we have a whole lot of Colombian Emerald but we never claim to provide Muzo Emerald Colombian. We have natural certified Colombian Emerald in wholesale price. If a buyer finds the best piece of Colombian Emerald it maybe a Muzo Emerald. It depends on the luck of the buyer.

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