Nepalese and Indonesian Rudraksha Bead

Indonesian V/S Nepalese Rudraksha Bead

Difference between Indonesian and Nepalese Rudraksha
Rudraksha Bead – Indonesian Origin
Rudraksha is a sacred bead of Lord Shiva. It makes a man healthy and happy. Rudraksha bead cures a man suffering and gives prosperity and happiness. Rudraksha word is derived “Rudra” and “Aksha”. Rudra means tear and Aksha mean eye (Tear of Lord Shiva). Rudraksha is obtained from the tree grown in Indonesia. Later on, they were grown in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

Similarities between Indonesia and Nepal Rudraksha
1) There is a hole which is present naturally in both the Rudraksha bead.
2) Both the Indonesian and Nepalese Rudraksha bead consists of the same amount of seeds.
3) Indonesian and Nepali Rudraksha bead is found in some variation from 1 to 21 Mukhi.
4) Both the Indonesian and Nepali Rudraksha beads carry almost the same effect. People who are using the Indonesian Rudraksha bead sent the same feedback regarding the effect of the Indonesian Rudraksha Bead.

Rudraksha Therapy

Difference between Indonesian V/S Nepali Rudraksha
1) Appearance – The Indonesian Rudraksha bead is smoother in appearance than the Nepali Rudraksha bead. The Mukha or the lines on the surface is deep than the Nepali origin.
2) Size and Effects – The size of the Indonesian Rudraksha bead is smaller than the Nepalese Rudraksha bead. But it shouldn’t be considered of less power. Even in the Nepalese Rudraksha bead, smaller and larger variety are also found.
3) Prices – The Indonesian Rudraksha bead is less in their price as compared to the Nepalese bead.

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