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Nostradamus Prediction 2018

Nostradamus Prediction 2018

Micahel se Notre-Dame, is generally called as Nostradamus and was physician cum astrologer. He lived in France in 16 th century. He was a great future predictor and recorded all his prophecies in verse form. Over long history of the world that followed his death, there were several things he said and that came true. Hence Nostardamus prophecies have always enjoyed great popularity among the people and among world. Here is an overview of what he told about 2018.

Disasters in 2018
According to Nostradamus dead will come out the grave and nations will face lot of changes. Disasters will include both manmade as well as natural and they will strike the world this year and will play havoc with the people.

The beginning of Third World War
The most havoc prediction of Nostradamus is the outburst of Third World War in 2018. He says this big war will start in France and will engulf the whole of the world. The terrible war will take huge amount of lives and will finally will be peace in year 2025. Only few will survive the war will lead a peaceful lives.

The outbreak of long wars
In another prophecy, he has predicted bursting of war between two big powers which will last for 27 years. A comet will erupt and a giant planet will come towards the earth when the earth will get devastated by nuclear terrorism and natural disasters. According to him the horrors of the was will be like “The whole of life on earth will seem to be lost and there will be only the cries of murders, cursing and deadly noises”.

Natural disasters
The eruption of volcano Mount Vesuvius in 2018 will shake earth terribly every five minutes and will kill more than 16,000 people on the earth.

Global warming
The concept of global warming was not known during the era of Nostradamus. He had foreseen that the effects of global warming will lead to uncontrollable deforestation. He also added that the sky will open up and the field will bathe away by the scorching Sun.

Earthquakes and floods
He described of impending earthquakes and great floods in 2018. China will witness thousands of deaths due to this catastrophe. There will be an eruption of three volcanoes and there will be a belt of fire in the Pacific region. The floods will grip whole world and will be unusually break all earlier records. Russia will face lot of floods and succumb to the destruction by extreme weather.

Destruction of Global Economy
There will be complete destruction of global economy in 2018. “The rich will die many times”. This prophecy is very similar to what the economists Martin Armstrong describes as ‘financial collapse due to the resentment among underprivileged.

Nostradamus foresees the collapse of the global economy in 2018 by saying “the rich will die many times”. This prophecy sounds a similar note with what the economist Martin Armstrong described as ‘financial collapse due to the growing resentment among the underprivileged against the rich’.

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