Benefits of wearing emerald

Noteworthy Benefits of Wearing Emerald

Emeralds are also called as “Panna”, these are the valuable gemstones known for their numerous benefits. Emerald gemstone is found in many countries and some of them are Russia, Brazil, India, Pakistan and Zambia.  South America is also known for emerald. There are several benefits of wearing emerald.

Emerald is associated with planet Mercury. It is the planet of wisdom and intellect and astrology science gives lot of importance to this planet. If a person is having weak Mercury, then he or she may face problems in their education life, therefore, astrologers recommend emerald therapy to them and they are asked to wear emerald stone as ring or a pendant.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald

  • People wearing emerald get relieve from the irritation and said to have a peaceful and harmonious married life. It also helps to develop peaceful understanding and unity in the family.
  • Emerald gemstone is also useful to remove the issues pertaining to wealth and it has the power to hold money with the wearer.
  • Children who cannot do well in education and studies can benefit from emerald stone as well, as it increases concentration in a person.
  • The emerald gemstone has the power to increase reasoning and spirituality.
  • It also removes negative effects and helps to get relieved from the nightmare and evil spirits are removed by wearing emerald gemstone. It also helps a person to perform better and lead a harmonious and prosperous life.
  • Children preparing for competitive examination, service men looking for promotion and businessman working hard to take their business activity to the next level can get immense benefit by wearing emerald.
  • Individuals facing problems in brain and memory can wear emerald gemstone to solve their problems. People facing speech difficulty can also wear emerald.
  • Emerald must be worn by people who are always cheated by someone and it is also believed that legal disputes can easily get solved by wearing emerald.
  • Emerald gemstone has mystical power to bring good fortune and wisdom to the wearer.
  • Couples in love can gift emerald gemstone to enhance faithfulness and love in the relationship.
  • It is also believed that emerald changes its color when false friends are around the wearer, thereby; it protects one from false friendship.
  • It also protects one from biting snake.
  • Emerald worn by pregnant women helps in reducing labor-time and pain by regulating blood circulation in the body thereby reducing stress. Benefits of wearing gemstone are numerous.
  • Many health-related problems get resolved by wearing emerald. Some of the main health-related problems are insomnia, asthma, cardiac problems and amnesia.
  • It also helps to cure gastrointestinal problems like gastritis, dysentery and diarrhea.

If it is worn along with other gemstones, it is believed to cure eye problems, paralysis, hypertension, meningitis, nerve problems, cancer, and mouth diseases.

Professionals in the field of science, real estate, writing, publishing, teaching, medicine and architecture can get immense benefit by wearing emerald.

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Natural Properties of Emerald Stone

Emerald Gemstone is composed of beryllium aluminum silicate and has hexagonal crystal structure. The color of this gemstone is green and sometimes also found in the bluish-green form. This green color of the gemstone is due to the presence of small amount of chromium compounds in its crystal structure. The hardness of emerald gemstone is 7.5-8.0, with a specific gravity between the ranges of 2.62-2.90. Its refractive index is between 1.57-1.60. Emerald gemstone which has weight more than one carat diamond is considered to be more precious than diamonds.

Emerald is the divine Goddess Venus and also called as “The Healers’ Stone” because it is capable of balancing the emotional, physical and spiritual balance of the native. It is because of many benefits emerald has always been a popular gemstone.

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