Numerology – Key to your inner self

Numerology – Key to your inner self

Numerology – Key to your inner self
Numerology is the science of numbers – An ancient science of this World because, before the advancement of astrology, the effects of numbers were given more weight. In all religion, numerology holds its importance as for example in Hinduism religion 9 planets are auspicious and number 9 is given significance in the lucky work. Most loved festival Durga Pooja is called as Navratri and is celebrated for 9 days. In Islam 786 is very auspicious and people start their work by writing this auspicious numbers before any important work. In Christianity, number 13 is considered very inauspicious and evils. People of European countries have fear for this number. In Sikhism, number 16 (1+6 = 7) is auspicious because it can be seen carved on one palm of Guru Nanak Dev.
It is believed that number 7 is a spiritual number and it can do wonders for the people who are associated with it. The proof can be incarnated as this World is made in 7 days, there are 7 wonders in the World, there are 7 days a week. The people who are number 7 attain great achievement in their life through their hard work and luck. One live example is the captain of the Indian Team, M.S Dhoni. He is born on 7th July, so his date also falls on 7 and his month is also 7.
But it is not so that a single number is taken for detailed study of numerology. In numerology, the complete date of birth is added to a single number and then the effects are studied on the person’s life path number and destiny number.

What is the philosophy behind numerology?
The fundamental premise of numerology is the life and the universe as a whole, is an orderly system, and that numbers reflect that orderliness.
When we are confronting the question of numerology, we are facing the same dilemma that we all face with the larger questions of life. Is there any meaning and the order to live?
The answer is that the Universe is ruled by the randomness and chaos and the universe is infinitely orderly. Now, what is randomness? Randomness is a state in which there is no order or larger meaning. Such an effect shows that the universe is ruled by chance events, here by chance also, we can observe that chance is also counted. How many? 1, 2 3, 4 or the infinite number of chances. So it is impossible to run away from the effect of numbers. If we subtract the numbers from our life then it is impossible to nurture the effect of possible events in the human lives. Because if the universe is ruled by unpredictable events, there would be no sustainable structure to it. On the contrary, the universe not only maintains form and structure, it also changes in precise and orderly ways.
Humankind is continually witnesses to this process of change. Day turns into night and night turns into day; winter is followed by spring, and summer is followed by fall; apples grown on apple trees and mangoes grown on mangoes tree and they never get confused.
The gestation and the birth of a child, the menstrual cycle in female primates for 7 days, puberty after 11 years, and the growth pattern of a baby for 9 months in a womb, these are all the examples of orderliness and specific numbers are associated to each. It is better to take a numerology report.
Nature is too filled with the events that have trained us to associate certain qualities of sound; a clap of a thunder, the woosh of a river or the whir of a bird in flight. In these also the charm and the secrets.




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