One Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha

One mukhi rudraksha is the most powerful of all the rudraksha bead. Almost everyone is familiar that one mukhi rudraksha is the rarest form of rudraksha. Ek mukhi rudraksha is extremely powerful for health, wealth and prosperity. It is never easily available and is very expensive. One mukhi rudraksha is also called as king of rudraksha. The individual who has Great One Mukhi is considered the most fortunate person.
But due to its great demand, sometimes three faceted rudraksha is face is closed, which looks like one mukhi rudraksha. This bead is available in two shape, one is perfectly round. This bead is very rare. The other one is the cashew nut shape, though it is available easily, it is very expensive.
Ek mukhi rudraksha is ruled by the Sun. It helps to cure many disease related to heart, skin, intestine, stomach, irregular bowel syndrome, fever, fistula and lung disease.

Properties of One Mukhi Rudraksha/One faced Rudraksha
It has a specific gravity of 1.2 to 4.3 on the pH.
The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Shiva himself. It protects the wearer from the problems and obstacle in the life. If one mukhi rudraksha is worshipped in the house, it gives benefit as Maa Lakshmi.
The capacitance of one mukhi rudraksha decrease from 1 MHZ to 12 MHZ.
The genuine rudraksha bead will show all the properties mentioned above.

Rudraksha Therapy

Who can wear One Mukhi Rudraksha?
It is very essential that one should have belief in Lord Shiva before wearing this bead. There are some rules which has to be obeyed while wearing rudraksha. One should be away from extra marital affair. If food habit is changed to vegetarian , then this will be beneficial. If you want to get beneficial result of Sun, then you can get benefit by wearing one faced rudraksha. It neutralizes the negative planetary effect of the Sun. The person who wants command over the other people can also wear this Rudraksha.

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