Padparadscha Sapphires Gemstone Meaning

Padparadscha Sapphires Gemstone Meaning

Padparadscha Sapphires – Orange Sapphires
Padparadscha sapphire is the rarest gemstone available. The word “Padparadscha” is a Sinhalese word meaning aquatic lotus blossom, which has an unusual salmon color. It has a color boundary between orange and light pink. Padparadscha may be little known to the people around the world, but they are a treasure for the gemstone lover. Some padparadschas have no uniform color because slight inclusion and light and the dark color is present.

Source of Padparadscha Orange Sapphire
They are mainly sourced from Sri Lanka as well as Madagascar Island. There is a contradiction from some gemologist, against that natural Padparadscha comes only from Sri Lanka. It is true that the finest gemstones come from Sri Lanka, but Madagascar is also now producing a major percentage of stones available in the market. The stones sourced from Madagascar is usually more pink than orange and although they are known as Padparadscha they are sold less than 20 percent of the actual price of Sri Lankan Padparadscha. The new sapphires from Madagascar are very charming with the beautiful hue of pink and slight orange color.

How Does Cut Affect The Color?
Clarity is an important element in determining the value of the gemstone because the light tones reveal the inclusions in the Padparadscha. Any cloudy appearance will make the visibility of the Padparadscha dull and diminished. However, these stones are so rare that customers have to adjust for the less transparent and dull Padparadscha. The extreme scarcity of Padparadscha rough means that cut stones are shaped to conserve the material as much as possible and this can make the Padparadscha with an unusual, asymmetrical cut.

Availability of Padparadscha
Because of the high prices, theses rare sapphires undergo various treatments for a brilliant orange sapphire. In late 1990, the gem market experienced a sudden influx of Padparadscha sapphires. People where outrage when they come to know that these are treated with heat and then sold in the gem market. The fact is that when heated to an extreme temperature in the presence of “beryllium”, these poorly colored pink sapphire changes color to orange. Therefore, Gemologists developed a reliable testing procedure for beryllium diffusion.
Padparadscha, which is heated, shouldn’t be confused with the Beryllium heat treatment. We offer both heated and natural orange sapphire and Padparadscha. The prices for fine untreated Padparadscha are quite expensive and demanding.
Padparadscha from Madagascar are pink in color with a small trace of orange color and when they are heated with a slightly low temperature, the colors may be improved.
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