Panna (Emerald) and its Astrological Significance

Panna (Emerald) and its Astrological Significance

 Emerald gemstone and its astrological significance

Panna or emerald is one of the key and precious Vedic gemstone and holds much importance in astrological realms. This is extremely rare gemstone and this justifies its expensive nature. It is green in color and the purest Emerald of all is that originating from Zambia. Astrologically, if an individual is able to find and afford Zambian Panna, it is said to be unbeaten and the best of all. Get Gemstone Consultation

Astrological significance

Emerald or panna is the gemstone for planet Mercury or Budh. It is this planet that governs one’s intellect, agility, health, wealth, prosperity, art and creativity. People with Mercury by their side have a positive effect of wearing emerald as well. These individuals can belong to fields like public relations, business, oration and politics.

Emerald as a Vedic gemstone can be excellent for boosting intellect, analytical power and memory. It is thus considered beneficial for musicians, public speakers, bankers, government officers, spiritual leaders and judges. This can be a symbolic gemstone for bringing about goof fortune, generosity and love.

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Panna is considered good for Zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini.

Benefits of wearing emerald

  • Supports happiness, wealth and health
  • Reduces mental stress
  • Regulates blood circulation
  • Enhances one’s chances in competitive exams
  • Strengthens life force for humans
  • Influences nose, flesh, kidneys, intestines and liver
  • Helps in curing diarrhea, stuttering, concentration, insomnia, heart conditions, dysentery, ulcers and asthma

Emerald is also a vital Vedic gemstone that can help in curing bodily imbalances and treating nervous problems. Therefore, it can also work wonderfully for curing or rectifying problems such as ailments created due to poisons, bronchitis, flatulence, epilepsy, dyspepsia, hepatitis, depression, stammering, insanity, memory loss, and depression.

While the green colored Vedic gemstone looks beautiful, it is suggested that not everyone should wear it. These gemstones can bring about positive changes to one’s life, but if it doesn’t suit an individual, it can also cause negative effects. A good Vedic astrologer can suggest who should wear emerald and how.

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