Param Bir Singh Horoscope, Secret behind the accusation on Anil Deshmukh | Prashant Kapoor

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Vande Mataram Friends! I did the prediction in Aditya Thackrey’s video that Param Vir Singh may lose his power by December 2020.

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Today’s astrological analysis will be beyond your imagination.

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I have found a connection between this event and an earlier event when the ADGP of Mumbai, Himanshu Roy, shot himself in the broad daylight.

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I have presented this data because of the question: Why Param Vir Singh, being an integral part of Maharashtra’s system, was silent till now.

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There can be other reasons for it. When you are a part of the system, you have to go with the flow to save your position in the system.

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We have seen some gutsy officers like Kiran Bedi, former Governor of Pondicherry, but getting them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Friends, I have done the counter analysis of Himanshu Roy’s suicide case and Param Vir Singh’s revelation case.

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When I made Prashana kundli of Himanshu Roy, his death does not appear natural.

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Though he was suffering from various chronic ailments yet he was a running officer.

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The Param Vir Singh’s kundli, which is on the screen, shows a similar kind of combination as Himanshu’s Kundli had.

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Shani’s Mahadasha is on. Budh or mercury is in the 10th house and his forming Paap-katri Yoga. Beshak has moved from the 3rd house to the 9th house.

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Budh has moved in between Surya and Mangal in the 10th house or Rajsatta house.

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Shastra peeda was going on. The danger was destined to be done by a Politician. To avoid such an occurrence, he took this step.

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Mercury, itself a media, is in Rohini Nakshatra which is Moon’s Nakshatra.

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Being born and raised in Punjab, Param Vir Singh moved to Maharashtra. He not only adopted the Marathi life but also embraced it.

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This adaptation indicates the movement of Sukr from its place to a place beside Rahu’s place.

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This kundalini also indicates that someone in his relationship is also connected with Maharashtra in one way or the other.

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When any planet moves to Rohini nakshatra then this movement makes a magical combination and makes the person’s personality enchanting.

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Mangal’s in the 9th house forecast courage in his behavior. The position of Shani, chandrama and Ketu is forming Vish yoga in the 6th house.

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This yoga strengthens the personality of the respective person. This combination also makes him take his every action wisely.

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This is an indication of a guiding angel( most probably a female of high intellect ) in his life. There is a strong possibility that this figure will come to his rescue.

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Fear can be seen in this horoscope. Param Vir Singh felt fear which is why he connected the media to bring this issue in limelight and save himself from shastra peeda.

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Now, the question is: what will happen from now on?

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Support from one of three parties, which are in ruling Maharashtra, to him can be seen. This support gave him the boost to take such a step.

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Does he have enough evidence to support his allegation? The horoscope’s combination answers the question in affirmation.

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Navarsh kundli is in ketu lagan. Ketu is an intelligent planet.

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This arrangement shows that Param Vir singh is not just doing hog-wash. He has taken this step after giving it a good amount of thinking.

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However, It can be seen in the news that The honorable High court didn’t like his manner of revelation and raised concerns over this revelation.

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The important question which comes up now is: Finally, What he really wants?

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Friends, The horoscope indicates that he must have realized till now that he has done a mistake by charging allegation on the minister.

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The thought of making an earlier settlement, without giving the exposure of media, must be doing rounds in his mind at this moment.

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Ketu is a very hidden planet. The level of complication this current scenario has, can be caused by Rahu’s such character.

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It can be calculated astrologically that the government will counter his allegation and file a case against him but the effort will go in vain.

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The possible solution: He should take some astrological support or advice to avoid further losses. I can see a settlement in the future.

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What has been done can’t be undone. The turbulence of the storm created by him will do some damage because till September or October, the sun will move to Tula Rashi.

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This movement of Surya will bring some legal problems to Param Vir Singh. In the end, there is a strong possibility of settlement between the two sides.

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This is my astrological analysis. Feel free to post your suggestions. If you need more analysis on the topic, do comment.

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This is a humble request to you to not connect with any other analysis in the media. Thank you so much. God bless Mother India.



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