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Pearl “Moti”:- Represents: Moon “Chandrama”

Pearl/Moti represents the planet Moon, “Chandra” which is the Queen Planet of the zodiac in the horoscope. The Moon is considered as the Second Supreme power in the astrology.

Pearl/Moti helpful in Career and professions: Liquid material, white products (milk, ghee, butter etc.), water tank, merchant navy, navy, fishing, serials, export-import, silver, harvesting, agriculture, medicines, travel agency etc.

Diseases that get cured wearing this gemstone Pearl/Moti: Absence of mind, loss of memory, chest disease, lungs diseases, cough, respiratory problem, excess of phlegm, insomnia (disturbed or less sleep), sleepwalk, laziness, less apatite, jaundice, impurification in blood, hydrophobia, disease related to uterus, gynecological problems in females, anemia, eyes problems, blood pressure problems.

Wholesale prices of Pearl/Moti Gemstone: Visit Astrokapoor’s office for buying the loose gemstones at wholesale prices of Pearl gemstone.

We provide all kind of certified Pearl Moti Gemstones listed below:
Basra Pearl
Venezuela Pearl
South Sea Pearl
Fresh Water Pearl

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Gurpreet Sadh January 10, 2019 at 10:35 am

Price for 32 carat south Korea moti..?


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