Philosophy behinf numerology

Philosophy behind Numerology

What is the philosophy behind numerology?

The fundamental premise of numerology is that life and the universe as a whole. It is an orderly system. The numbers reflect that orderliness. Numbers are by definition orderly.
There are various possible answers to this question. The universe is ruled by randomness and chaos, the universe is infinitely orderly, or both randomness and orderliness exist.

Randomness is a state in which there is no order or larger meaning. This shows that universe is ruled by chance events and that there are no orderly laws governing the universe. We know that this premise to be untrue, since the natural sciences, such as physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy are all based on the orderliness.

The gestation and the birth of a child are also examples of remarkable orderliness. It still takes egg and sperm to produce an ovum, and nine months for a child to fully develop and to be born. If we look up the stars and see the planets, we see further examples of great orderliness. In creation, there is no randomness, a fact that is the basis for all physical sciences.

Specific characteristics of numbers

Numbers can be archetypes. They represent qualities that all of us possess in greater or lesser quantities. Each number, you might say, is the archetypal type.

The number 1 possesses aggressiveness or dynamism.
The no 2 is the most gentle of all numbers and represents cooperation, diplomacy, and tact.
The no 3 is the most playful of all numbers. It is creative, inspirational, and motivating. Self-expression and communication are its central qualities.
The no 4 is the most practical of all numbers. It is orderly, systematic, methodical and precise.
The no 5 is the most dynamic of all numbers. It is persuasive, a promoter and a salesperson par excellence. It is versatile and adaptable. It is also bright, quick-witted and a straight shooter.
The no 6 is the most loving of all numbers. It is harmonious with all other numbers. It is committed, caring, sympathetic, protective and nurturing. It is domestic, marriage and family oriented.
The number 7 is the most spiritual number. It is the seeker of the truth and is mental, analytical, focused, contemplative and meditative. It is the accumulator of knowledge and wisdom.
The number 8 is the result-oriented of all numbers. It represents the balance between the material and the spiritual world. It is a powerful, ambitious and money-conscious number. It understands, forgiving and broad-minded.
The number 9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers. It is efforts sacrifice without the need for reward. It is giving, sharing, loving and caring. It is the statesperson, politician, lawyer, writer, philosopher and above all, the idealist.

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