Planets and Diseases

Planets and Diseases

Health is wealth and sound health is one of the precious aspects of human lives that enable us to enjoy and accomplish our goals. Mental health is more important that can lead to precious and peaceful life. The ailments and the disease may vary according to the sign and house occupied by the planets. The parts of the body are also governed by various signs and planets are likely to be affected. The Ascendant or Sun is believed to be afflicted if it is conjunct with Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Neptune. Medical Astrology Consultation can help you to know the disease causing planet in your horoscope.

The Sun is the source of light and the king of the planets. A strong position of Sun in the native chart will help a individual to live a happy and healthy life. Sun govern various parts of the body such as blood circulation, heart trouble, cancer, weak immune system etc.

The Moon signifies the mother and astrologically it is the queen of the planet. The parts of the body governed by the Moon are face, glands, breast, tonsils, stomach, ovaries, lungs and lymphatic system. If a person has a weak Moon in the horoscope the native will suffer from sleep disorders, mouth problems, neurological problems, epilepsy, digestive problems and disease of the uterus and anemia.

The planet Mars plays a vital role in the health as it is the commander in chief among the planets. It governs the chest, bone marrow, bile, digestive tract, nose and external generative organs. A weak position of Mars in the birth chart gives fractures, overheating, mental trauma, cancer, tumours, cancer in the muscle etc.

A weak representation of the Mercury planet in the native chart is mainly responsible for asthma, disease of respiratory tract, psychic disease, deafness, disorders of intestine, bladder problem, gastric juice secretion, lungs, tongue and mouth problems.

This planet of expansion is the ruler of various parts of the body like liver, gall bladder, pancreas, anemia, flatulence, cough, cold, liver complaints and circulatory congestion.

Venus is the preceptor of demon and a weak minister in the cabinet can cause various sicknesses like anemia, stones in kidneys, impotence, weak sexual relations, veneral disease, disease of urinary system and reproductive organs and diabetes. The different organs that are represented by this planet are kidneys, ovary, ovum, neck, throat, chin, cheeks, skin and venous system.

Saturn is the servant among the planets and is responsible for prolonged disease. The conjunction of Saturn with various planets can cause sickness such as ear problem, asthma, and impotency. If Saturn is aspect by Sun, it can cause veneral disease, skin disease and weakness due to malpractices.

Rahu is a shadowy planet and is phlegmatic in nature. If Rahu is weak in the birth chart it can cause problems such as boils, skin ulcers, spleen problems and high blood pressure.

Ketu is a dry planet and a weak Ketu can cause low blood pressure, wounds, deafness, fevers, intestinal disorders and defective speech. It can also lead to dumbness and a weak nervous system.



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