Power of gemstones

Power of Gemstones

Power of Gemstones
Gemstones are the most popular astrological remedy. It counteracts the adverse planetary effects. Gems have the power of attracting individual by their brilliant and beautiful. Careful selection of gemstone is extremely important to bring mental peace, prosperity and wealth. Gemstones according to the planetary position bring happiness and peace in the life of the wearer.
Choosing the right gemstone
There are various methods which help to choose the right gemstone for various planets. The correct way to identify gemstone depends upon the key planets that control’s the individual horoscope. Planets which are not favorably placed can be best pacified by the mantras and remedies.

Gemstones and the Planets
Ruby – Sun – It is excellent for rulers, leaders, and people who are in government work.
Pearl – Moon – It is good for controlling anger, mood swings, and mental peace.
Red Coral – Mars – This gem brings strength, energy, and vitality.
Emerald – Mercury – It is excellent for mental activities. This is an excellent gemstone for an accountant, doctor, public speaker and business manager.
Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter – It brings spiritual advancements and enlightenment in the life. This brings academic success and gain of an upright husband and life partner.
Diamond – Venus – It is excellent for domestic bliss, attraction, and curing genital disease. It is a good gemstone for actors.
Blue Sapphire – Saturn – This brings excellent fate. Very strong stone shows its positive effect in 3 min, 3 hours, 3 days and 3 months.
Gomedh – Rahu – It is a good gemstone for mental peace and stability in the life.
Cat’s eye – Ketu – It is good for removing a bad effect of Ketu.
This is only the basic introduction about the main effects of the gemstones. The first thing to be noted before wearing any gemstone is about which gem will bring maximum benefit to an individual. If planets are favourably placed, then one can wear a gemstone of that planet. Gemstones like cat’s eye and blue sapphire should be worn after proper consultation because these two gemstones bring extreme negative impact on the person.



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