Powerful OM Mantra

Powerful OM Mantra

In Hindu Mythology, Brahma (the creator of Universe) once said, “I am one, but may I become many!” This thought is powerful and created a vibration that developed a sound, which today, is known as OM. It is believed that from this sound or vibration, all aspects of the universe came into existence.

How to Chant Om Mantra?
Sit in a straight posture and close eyes. Now, Take a long, deep breath and let it go. In the next step, try to make an”Oo” sound, and at halfway of this breath, then slowly bring your lips together to make sound “Mmmmmm”.
Just do it for around 10 minutes and enjoy the calm in your surroundings.
“OM” is very powerful and when chanted on a regular basis, one can experience a state of awareness and an amazing consciousness. It also gives mesmerizing experience to the person who is enchanting the “OM” mantra.

Benefits of Chanting OM Mantra:
Om is a very special mantra and enjoyed in many cultures including Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed that there are numerous benefits of enchanting this mantra.

Incoming Positive Vibration
Chanting of Om Mantra purifies the environment and the soul of the body around you and creates positive Vibrations. It is believed that Om not only benefits the enchanter but also to the people who are around these positive vibrations.

Increases Concentration with Om Mantra
It is proved that enchanting Om mantra can help to improve your concentration and also increase the focus. It can also put you in a state of deep relaxation.

Cures Sinuses with Om Mantra
The vibrations produced by the Om manta can be felt through the vocal cords and sinuses. These vibrations help to open up the sinuses and strengthen the vocal cords.

Offer cardiovascular benefits
When Om is chanted, mind and body is relaxed and blood pressure is decreased.

Control on Emotions with Om Mantra
With combination of Om chanting and meditation, one can enjoy a better control on emotions and feelings. At later stage, it also helps one to make decisions with clear and rational mind.

Takes you on a Spiritual Journey
Regular chanting of this powerful mantra brings happiness and takes one to the spiritual journey of life. On chanting mantra for a longer period, there is an experience of sense of positivity around the surroundings.

Strengthen Spinal Cord
Chanting Om manta causes vibrations, which in turn strengthens the spinal cord because this sound is generated in the abdomen and it helps to strengthen the muscles that support spinal cord.

During Yoga
Chanting Om during Yoga has its added advantages.

In the end (Om Mantra)
Om mantra can be chanted at any time of the day. It helps one to relax and calm down and also to connect to the inner self.

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