Principles of Judgement In Astrology

Principles of Judgement In Astrology

Principles of Judgement in Astrology
The art of prediction is undoubtedly the most difficult and intricate portion of Astrology. The mastery is acquired by regular and careful analysis of a horoscope. It can be obtained by constant study, methodical procedures and cool thinking of the same. The student can acquire knowledge and experience speedily if he or she follows systematically the two main processes, ‘Analysis’ and ‘Synthesis’. The former consists in splitting up the map into several parts and estimating the exact influence of each body by position and aspect and later in combining together intelligently all these fragments into a coordinated whole.
No horoscope can be perfect in all aspect because the time, the position of planets and the year of birth counts the main panorama of defining a horoscope and a birth chart. In a horoscope, each planet disperse its own light from a certain place in the Heavens, called sign; and from a certain angle with reference to the moment of birth, ( Lagna ) called House; and that light undergoes chemical changes before reaching us due to the distance of one planet from another, called Aspects. The study of all these require much care and intelligence, if not patience and experience.
The strength and nature of each of the following form the main consideration in judging the effects of a House
a) The sign
b) The planet or planets by sign.
c) The same by Houses
d) The same by Lordship of Houses
e) The Lord of that House
f) The chief Governor of the affair indicated by the House
g) The aspects to and between all these.

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