Properties of Wulfenite

Properties of Wulfenite

Wulfenite is an extremely useful stone because it assists in accepting the less positive aspects of life and prevents despondency or inertia setting in when you’re faced with negative situations. It is usually found in yellow, orange, green, yellow-gray and brown in color. Basically found as small crystals or blades on a matrix, or large transparent squarish crystal.

Wulfenite is sourced from United States and Mexico. It is a stone that helps in assisting the spiritual connection and facilitates easily and quickly from the physical level to the psychic, intuitive, or spiritual levels. It is said to access the past, present and future and aid communication with those states. It also facilitates contact and communication with the spiritual world, opening a channel to bring spiritual vibrations down to the earth.

Wulfenite is a stone that is sued for white magic, and supports and enhances ritual working and journeying, and regaining magical knowledge that one has in other lives. This knowledge can then be put into practice in the present.

It helps in the healing power and rejuvenate and preserve energy but has no specific healing abilities. It helps in the treatment of goiters, to dispel bloating, and to release toxins from the physical body. It has a supportive effect in overcoming addictions especially to alcohol, and can be made into an elixir for this purpose.

It helps one to accept and integrate the shadow energies and to move beyond the duality of “positive” and “negative”, accepting them as complementary and balancing forces.

It is also used widely in making jewelry. Wulfenite jewelry can be made along with other precious and semi precious stone. The stone should be kept carefully and do not wash it with harsh soap and chemicals.

Wulfenite is widely used in making arts, crafts and item of decoration. The crystals and other items that are made of this stone are beautiful and enhance the beauty of any ornament.

It is particularly useful for the people who are unbalanced by focusing only on the positive and represses negative traits and experiences so that they become “sugary sweet” and so nice that they are inauthentic and ungrounded. Wulfenite stone helps them to accept and integrate the shadow energies and move beyond the duality.

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