Pyrolusite Benefits

Pyrolusite Benefits

Pyrolusite Gemstone Benefits
Pyrolusite stone is found in silver, black, blue and dark grey in color. The surface of the stone is large, shiny fan-like on brown matrix. It is readily available and especially found in United States, Britain, Brazil and India.

• Pyrolusite has the ability to transform and restructure energies. Its most beneficial aspect is when it can restructure life.

• This stone heals energetic disturbances and transmutes disease in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

• Pyrolusite is an extremely useful stone to place in your immediate environment or meditation space.

• Pyrolusite repels negative energy and dispels psychic interference from any source and also strengthens the aura in the process.

• It is useful for promoting confidence, optimism and determination.

• Pyrolusite is a tenacious stone and gets to the bottom of problems and offers a means of transformation.

• It has the power to change and stabilize relationships and also helps in transmuting negative expectations into positive ones.

• Pyrolusite treats bronchitis, regulates the metabolism and reinforces blood vessels, and stimulates sexuality.

• At spiritual level, this helps in the improvement of concentration and unlocks memory.

• It is a great energy saver and if attached to a fuel line in a car, it reduces fuel consumption.

• Pyrolusite is seen as a magical stone that hold imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists and magicians.

• This stone supports the shamanic practices and facilitates reading the Akashic record and induces travel into past.

• It can be used for past life healing and to bring harmony into the present life.

• It is useful for balancing the Yin Yang and masculine and feminine energies.

• Pyrolusite is a strong protective stone and can be extremely efficient at blocking geopathic stress.

• It works extremely fast and with great power.

• It helps you to know who you truly are and it brings you face to face with your side and teaches you how to integrate.

• Pyrolusite greatest gift insight into the cause of disease is it aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept and promotes physical digestion.

• It detoxifies and dissolves blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies.

• It alleviates pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries.

• This stone warms the extremities and can be used to shrink an enlarged prostrate.

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