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Radiation technique in gemstone

Radiation Technique In Gemstones

Radiation Techniques are a relatively different technique in the world of gemstones. It is frequently used on a wide range of gemstones. Radiation is also sometimes combined with heating. The effect of radiation technique is permanent in most of the gemstones. It is not effective in comparison to the natural gemstones. The GIA Gem trade lab can test gemstones as acceptable and unacceptable radiation levels.
Until now all Blue Topaz sold in jewellery stores were irradiated to obtain various blue shades that have become popular nowadays. Today these colors are also created by surface coating and surface diffusion technique. Other gemstones which are irradiated to obtain color is deep – blue beryl (called maxixe, this color also fades); yellow beryl; diamond; kunzite; yellow or orange sapphire; yellow and green topaz; red, pink and purple.
When diamonds are irradiated to produce fancy colors, labs can determine that they have been treated. However, for most other gems and radiation. Testing procedures determine whether a gemstone is natural or irradiated.

After the radiation technique, most of the gemstones are sold, the most common one is tourmaline and smoky quartz.
The most common technique of irradiation of gemstone is gamma radiation. Gamma rays emit electrons from the normal location in the gem. Color change generally depends on the location of the electrons. There is no accurate success for gemstone enhancer because it is impossible to know how much irradiation will affect the gemstones. Irradiation is widely used for changing the quartz color. Smoky quartz found in the gemstones shops is mostly irradiated. But this transformation takes place if quartz contains traces of aluminum. Diamonds which occurs naturally is also irradiated to get different hues. Lightly colored diamonds are mostly irradiated to brilliant yellows or green. Aquamarine is also treated to get different colors.

So, before buying any gemstones, it is essential to test gemstones from a certified gemologist.



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