Rahu Ketu Transit 2017-2019

Rahu – Ketu Transit 2017-2019

Rahu and Ketu – the North and the South node of the Moon are karmic planets and they shift their position on 17th August 2017. Rahu will now stay in the sign of Cancer and Ketu will now stay in the sign of Capricorn till March 7, 2019. This will go on for a period of 18 months and they may impart important message to the person regarding of the house they are sitting.

Since these are shadowy planets, they simply carry the depositor and bring results according to the related house and they are situated in. Let us look in brief the impact they will have on each sun sign.

Aries – This is a time of sweeping change for the Aries born people. They may spend most of their time outdoors and they may become casual at their attitude. Some of them may behave aggressively. There can be a fluctuation in the financial condition and not to your greatest benefit.

Taurus – Taurus born person may experience a steady increase in their ambition and while this factor will increase, there will be also a proportionate increase in the willingness to do all. There can be some bitterness with someone as your hard work may not be recognized. You could get attracted towards some new philosophy and teachings.

Gemini – The position of Rahu may increase aggression in speech and you should be extremely cautious as timelines in work may land you into trouble. This is a period of argument and its better if you avoid the same. Ketu position in eighth house may inspire fearlessness and a tendency towards bravo!

Cancer – This transition may impact those born under the Cancer sign. You should be quite careful regarding your own attitude and reactions in public setting or even in the situation of interpersonal dynamics. Try to be calm in any argument because it may create problems for you.

 Leo – the transit of this Node may bring some glad happenings in your life. This is a time where there is a possibility of abroad travels and even immigration. There may be some concerns regarding health and expenses related to same may increase.

Virgo – This is a mixed time for the Virgo ascendant. Some speculative gains are seen. Some Virgo individuals may get salary increase or promotion in your work place. Those who are engaged in academics should put extra efforts to reap all gains. It is possible that your social circle will increase during this period.

 Libra – The Libra born person may have completely different sphere professionally. There can be a sense of boredom which can make you dull and depressive. There can be greater chances of work-related travels also. There can be sudden interest in purchasing new home.

Scorpio – The person under this sign may have slightly tougher time with this transit. There may be increases in the self-doubt and this can cause delay in your planned efforts. It is wise if you take decision after proper assessment of your skills and creativity. This phase may bring crisis of your faith so do remember that what gets broken easily was never a faith.

Sagittarius – This is a period of mixed results for Sagittarius born individuals. You might experience different feelings during this time period. There is also a chance in increase in your persuasive capability. But be cautious, this is not the time to stretch beyond your means no matter how promising the opportunity seems to be.

Capricorn – People born under this sign needs to be prepared properly in order to handle this transition. This is a period when you’ll take criticism seriously, the harder it may become so try to be at ease and compassionate. Some of you may experience difficulty to handle your moods, especially in situations of personal nature. Try to keep yourself occupied with some constructive works.

Aquarius – This period is definitely a sense of relief for Aquarius born person. Those who were hopeless may find some relief in their life. Your position will stand validated and growth prospects will also open up. There are chances of travel in foreign land and possibility of settling in the foreign country.

Pisces – This is a period of mixed fortune for Pisces born individuals. There can be sudden luck and speculative gains and even great opportunity may open up professionally. Those in the academic pursuits should need to steel up and cultivate patience as there may be hindrances in academic goals. Relationship with extended family members or friend circle may change and you may lose someone who will never come back in your life

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